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master or sub Date: Sep 28th @ 12:57pm EDT
Definitely having the experience of humiliating in all facets the man really exits, gives a totally inexplicable taste that goes from the toe ... having the power control of the whole act frees my mind. sometimes just talking fills my excitement, but it's talking from the warmth to the most morbid way that I can get out, being dirty but then getting to the romanse with a little pain .. I don't know if they can understand me but if you want me to humiliate you That I stepped on you that wants to limit everything with you I am the right one, your master waits for you.
1. What is your keyword?
2. Favorite color: Red, black or purple?
3. Blindfolded watching?
4.Dressed or naked?
5.tied or loose?

submissive or master? Date: Sep 28th @ 12:47pm EDT
Today I want to tell you about me as a submissive.
As a submissive I must learn what is the love that my master gives me, never seek to disturb or irritate him. Search and create hypothetical games to know which intimate desolation I love is looking for. I'm just looking to give him excitement and that he gives me an orgasm, I'm not looking to judge him or be against him but I am looking for his treasures and unique!
I want to know the likes of to be able to please. I ask these questions I hope they answer me in an internal message on the page:
1. If you could see through my clothes, what would you be the first thing you would see me?
2. What color do you like about my boxer or the lingerie I should use
3. what is your best position?
4. which body part do you prefer? Biceps, back. abs, legs or do you like more my ass and my cock?
5 If you were an adult movie director and had to choose a script for your next big hit, what would the movie be about?
6 do you like me to call you master?
male or male Date: Sep 11th @ 4:59pm EDT
It is curious what I am going to tell you but I hope you understand me, in my country Colombia the fear of any man is that they doubt their manhood or their sexual condition ... I have always considered myself a Man who likes women, but thanks To this work in flirt4free as a model I have discovered many things about my sexuality, I am still a man but now I drown with a more open mind and really enjoying everything and everything is everything. I want to be happy and if happiness can be given to me by a man I am determined to make him happy and make me happy, I want to have my own male who wants me to want me and wants to share good times with me. I want to give pleasure in tons.
 Animal species are divided into males and females. In humans, the socialized male affected by culture is called man and his act, masculinity. It has been said that the possibility of making logical constructions seems to be inherent in men and that women tend to be more emotional. Likewise, whoever develops thought has the power, and these are attributed primarily to men. I want to be happy. and my body wants to express it
my slave! Date: Aug 30th @ 3:37pm EDT
morbid in the street Date: Jul 26th @ 4:12pm EDT
Hey guys, I'm going to tell you a little story that happened to me this week. I give personalized claces in a small GYM in my city, a man with his wife has come to a straw for me to give them personalized claces, the man was a little bad clace with me eh I even felt he looked at me ugly because I lent him I paid a lot of attention to his wife, after 1 hour of training I left them doing cardio on the treadmill, I went to the bathroom, when the minute the man arrived at the bathroom he made himself in the urinal more dry than he could of me It seemed strange but I said: hey how are you going, as you seemed to train with me, he replied with a smile the best of the world in a short time we talked while we urinated, I do not know what happened that I began to rub my cock and it went away getting hard, I became the one who kept urinating and he kept talking when he looked down he had his hard cock very very hard to see it so I showed him mine and without saying a single word he knelt down and started here Huparmela was something new completely new to me had never happened to me, I was really excited, but I was afraid that someone would come in and see us, so I decided to put it in a cabin of a bathroom he was still sucking my cock with incredible pleasure and I was very excited to the point that I wanted to give my milk, he said my cum is coming and he opened his eyes and told me I want it all in my face and mouth, in fact that I did let my orgasm was all for him to fill his mouth and The face then he gave me the cum in my sneakers and I started to lick them really he wanted to drink a lot of milk, I think everything happened in 15 minutes in the gym bathroom. I left a little nervous and scared of what had happened did not think that that man with a strong face and muscular body made me feel so excited ... from that day I hope he returns to enjoy my 15 or 30 minutes in the bathroom, I Well, he who leaves his wife in a clace de rumba and goes to the bathroom waiting for me to fill his mouth with good milk from my milk. I hope you like my little story!
hola a todos Date: Apr 10th @ 3:59pm EDT
Hello, I want to tell you that I am the new member of this team and I am happy to share this experience with you.
Members get a 5% discount on my shows and VODs, plus I can give you free Members Only shows and you'll show up in my room in my special fan font color. If you join now, you'll immediately get access to my exclusive content, be able to post on our private